The Physicians

The providers* are U.S.-based, board certified physicians* able to treat a wide range of patients and conditions. The credentials of the consulting physicians are verified by VerifPoint*, using nationally recognized URAC and NCQA standards.

All our doctors are:

  • Credentialed
  • US Based and Licensed
  • Continuing Education

All physician on the platform undergo a formal review process every 6 months. Physicians are assessed on the basis of patient feedback, a formal rating system and peer reviews. All physicians are expected to offer the highest level of service.

Medical Assistants alert physicians to pending consults using text or phone to ensure timely response to patients.  All communication is monitored to provide a superior level of coordination and efficiency.  To assist the physician, Medical Assistants follow up with every patient in 24 hours to answer any questions and ensure quality of care.  Good communication and rapid response times optimize the physician’s time and improves the experience for the patient.

*All physicians have independently contracted to participate in the network owned and operated by AmeriDoc Physician Network, LLC.