Important Plan Information

1. Member understands that QHealth is not an insurance plan or policy. No payments to medical providers or members will be made by QHealth. Actual savings may vary, depending upon location and specific services rendered.

2. QHealth provides savings to its members on healthcare services through a number of medical networks. In order to access these networks and the related discounts, member or member's dependents must pay the medical providers promptly. Payments on all medical bills are due and payable at the time of service. If a member has difficulty using the program, our Member Services department is available for assistance. QHealth offers timely resolution for questions, complaints and grievances.

3. Neither QHealth, nor any of its affiliates, nor any network accessed shall be liable for any payment to a provider accessed under the QHealth program. QHealth, its affiliates or any network accessed is not an insurer, guarantor or underwriter of the responsibility or liability of Member for Member's or Member's dependents’ medical care or any other goods or services provided to Member or Member's dependents.

4. Participating medical providers are independent contractors and QHealth, its affiliates and its contracted networks are not responsible for health care provided or the omission of the provision of healthcare by any provider. QHealth does not practice medicine or in any manner interfere with or participate in the provider-patient relationship. All health care decisions are between a Member and a provider. The selection of a provider is the obligation and decision of a Member and is not based upon the credentialing or any recommendation by QHealth, its affiliates or its contracted networks.

5. Memberships in terminated status for greater than 30 days will be assessed a $20 reenrollment fee.

6. Payments for the QHealth program are due in advance. Payments will be debited from your account on or about the anniversary of your effective date, unless alternative arrangements have been made. A service charge of $20.00 will apply for all NSF checks and automatic debits.

7. Returned checks, insufficient fund notices on bank drafts or denial by member's credit card company for payment of the periodic program fee is deemed evidence of non-payment by a member and may cause termination of membership.

8. Members may cancel their QHealth program at any time upon written or verbal notice to the company. The enrollment fee is non-refundable except in AR, MD and TN.